Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse
Rep. Jim Langevin  | 01:32 pm
Rep. Randy Weber  | 08:45 am
Heading back to Washington to vote for the #DeliveringforAmericaAct to reverse changes by Postmaster General DeJoy. We must #SaveTheUSPS b/c seniors need their prescriptions delivered on time & Americans need to cast their votes safely w/ confidence their ballots will be counted.
What Democrat said Never waste a good crisis? He left out manufactured! Ds: if you dont agree they say you have all kinds of phobias They claim you dont like seniors, youth, minorities, the environment, etc. They left out baseball, motherhood & apple pie. Shameful!
Rep. Susan Wild  | 01:27 pm
Rep. Kenny Marchant  | 01:12 pm
Happy Senior Citizens Day! We must stand together to support the seniors of #PA07. I will always work to protect Social Security and Medicare to guarantee our seniors receive the benefits they have worked a lifetime for.
Unfortunately, Democrats on the Ways and Means committee unanimously rejected my amendment today to allow seniors and the chronically ill to PERMANENTLY deduct their medical expenses if they exceed 7.5% of their income.
Rep. Dina Titus  | 11:43 am
Rep. Tom Emmer  | 07:49 am
Trumps assault on @USPS isnt just a threat to our democracy, it is making it harder for patients to get the medication they need. @HouseDemocrats are voting this weekend to protect the small businesses, veterans, and seniors who rely on the Postal Service. #DontMessWithUSPS
This #SeniorCitizensDay, lets remember that one in ten seniors will suffer from #elderabuse during their lifetime.
Rep. Kurt Schrader  | 11:08 am
Rep. William Timmons  | 10:12 am
This $1 million dollar grant will help tribal families and seniors who have been devastated by the pandemic stay in their homes. I am glad to see these federal dollars going to those who need it most and am proud to be an advocate for Oregon’s tribes.
We want to take a moment to address some rumors circulating on social media regarding the Presidents payroll tax executive order. We have heard from seniors who are concerned their social security benefits will be cut. Any claims that your benefits will be cut are dishonest.

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