Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse
Rep. Ami Bera  | 06:15 pm
Rep. James Comer  | 11:48 am
Today’s announcement is a promising step towards stability and peace in the Middle East. It is my hope that todays agreement will lead to future constructive dialogues between Middle Eastern countries.
I know Democrats want to gloss over this, but last week @realDonaldTrump achieved the most historic victory for Middle East peace in a generation.
Rep. Stephanie Murphy  | 00:16 pm
Rep. James Comer  | 11:44 am
Wonderful news. Congratulations to all involved in this historic agreement to normalize relations between Israel & the UAE. This will lead to a brighter future for the Middle East and the world. I hope other countries in the region follow suit.
The impact of @POTUSs agreement with Israel and the UAE can’t be overstated. Prior to last week, the UAE refused to acknowledge the existence of Israel as a sovereign state. The presidents leadership has delivered the most significant step toward Middle East peace in decades.
Rep. Daniel Lipinski  | 10:16 am
Sen. Dan Sullivan  | 03:16 pm
Todays announcement is a step toward a more peaceful Middle East. I am pleased to see Israel and the UAE begin a new era of cooperation and establish a model for future regional partnerships.
Peace and prosperity for all in the Middle East has been a long-sought, yet elusive goal. This agreement is a positive example of how we can move closer to that reality.
Rep. Susie Lee  | 08:16 am
Sen. David Perdue  | 03:16 pm
I’ll continue to stand by Israel, our strongest ally in the region, in the fight for true peace in the Middle East through good faith diplomacy and work toward a two state solution.
.@realDonaldTrumps persistent efforts w/ our Arab partners to normalize ties w/ #Israel have led to a truly historic feat. Todays agreement between #UAE & Israel will not only increase Israels standing in the world, but also tectonically change the Middle East for the better.

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