Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse
Rep. Nancy Pelosi  | 01:13 pm
Rep. Kay Granger  | 01:21 pm
For 85 years, #SocialSecurity has stood as a fundamental promise that a lifetime of hard work will be met with the dignity of a secure retirement. Democrats are committed to protecting Social Security and ensuring a secure retirement for all Americans.
Today marks 85 years since the Social Security Act was signed into law. Especially during the #coronavirus pandemic, #socialsecurity has been an essential program for our seniors and disabled Americans, including for 127,676 people of all ages in #TX12. #Happy85SocialSecurity!
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen  | 01:21 pm
Rep. Benjamin Cline  | 01:02 pm
Since its creation on this day 85 years ago, Social Security has been an anchor of financial security for millions of Americans in retirement. Today, this critical program is under attack. I will never stop fighting to protect it for today’s seniors & future generations to come.
For 85 years Social Security has been an important program for senior citizens. Congress must ensure that it is strengthened and protected for current and future recipients. #Happy85th
Rep. Joseph Kennedy III  | 01:13 pm
Rep. Darin LaHood  | 10:39 am
Social Security lifts millions of Americans out of poverty every single day. 85 years after its enactment, we are reminded that this President cannot steal this economic lifeline from our seniors or the generations who will follow.
Social Security turns 85 today and continues to provide the benefits earned by citizens in #IL18 and across the country. I will continue to work in Congress to ensure a fair and reliable Social Security benefit.
Rep. Anna G. Eshoo  | 01:10 pm
Sen. Susan Collins  | 09:18 am
When Social Security was signed into law 85 years ago today, approximately 50% of all seniors in the U.S. were living below the poverty line, a staggering figure. Today, less than 10% of seniors live in poverty. My full statement #Happy85SocialSecurity
The Social Security Act was signed into law 85 years ago today! Read my column about what more we can do to strengthen this vital program and help all Mainers receive the full Social Security benefits they have earned.

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