Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse
Rep. Joseph Neguse  | 00:36 pm
Rep. Clay Higgins  | 02:15 pm
The work of protecting and securing voting rights for all Americans continues, it is incredibly necessary and important work that we cannot lose sight of.
WATCH: @RepClayHiggins ask: What are Democrats trying to HIDE? Voting rights and congressional representation belong to American citizens. President Trumps new policy would restore equal congressional representation to its rightful owner.
Rep. John Garamendi  | 11:08 am
Rep. Clay Higgins  | 02:15 pm
This is unconscionable. Voting rights should not be a partisan issue. As lawmakers and public servants we must work together to ensure everyone has equal access to participate in free and fair elections. Larry Kudlows remarks this morning are disturbing.
American voting rights and American Congressional representation belong to American citizens. If you support one man one vote, if you support the integrity of American elections, if you understand the crucial significance of Congressional apportionment…then you should agree.
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II  | 11:08 am
Rep. Andy Harris  | 08:14 am
The USPS is the most popular agency in the federal government and has served the American people for over 2 centuries. In less than 4 years, this President has run it into the ground so that he can suppress the voting rights of millions of Americans.
The purely political ploy of the DC statehood bill today is exposed. If this were really about voting rights, then the majority would support giving Marylands land back. But none of the majority does…
Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard  | 10:23 am
Rep. Steve King  | 06:15 am
Thanks to SCOTUS for defending the right to vote without burdensome restrictions during the challenges of this pandemic. We can and must make voting easier for all Americans. That includes ensuring swift USPS delivery of ALL ballots, and restoring the Voting Rights Act.
.@KimReynoldsIA Your executive order granting voting rights to felons undercuts the Rule of Law, requires no restitution, and usurps the Iowa General Assembly. Cutting a deal with terrorist affiliated BLM will cost @JoniErnst 15,000 votes.

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