Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse
Rep. Debra Haaland  | 09:22 pm
Rep. Benjamin Cline  | 04:09 pm
President Trump’s sabotaging @USPS. New Mexicans rely on the Postal Service to get medication, social security & important info. So, Im joining @RepMaloney’s demands for oversight to the Presidents ploy to stop the mail from being delivered on time
The government invests $90 B a year in information technology yet lacks the necessary oversight measures to protect against waste. To save taxpayer dollars, @RepDeanPhillips and I introduced legislation to promote efficient tech use by federal agencies
Rep. Dean Phillips  | 03:31 pm
Rep. James Comer  | 02:09 pm
Why does oversight matter? A dialysis company based in Germany received $137mm in US taxpayer funds even as they reported a quarterly profit exceeding $400mm last month, up > 30% over last year. The money should be returned such obnoxious handouts ended.
Wholeheartedly agree with @RepChipRoy & @Jim_Jordan & gladly signed onto their request to begin hearings into USA threat of dependence on China for medicine. Oversight Committee Democrats should end their baseless investigations into Trump & focus on needed investigations/reform.
Rep.Josh Gottheimer  | 03:07 pm
Rep. Mike Bost  | 00:09 pm
We need greater oversight into these state-run facilities and we must learn from the devastating mistakes that failed to protect our most vulnerable populations, so we are prepared for another potential outbreak.
I’ve personally contacted state & federal authorities to get to the bottom of this. The COVID-19 shutdown has had a crushing impact on our economy & working families. We need to help the folks who need it. But we need common sense oversight in how funds are distributed.
Rep. Steve Cohen  | 08:25 am
Rep. French Hill  | 09:09 am
A primer for #Trump. It include such things as congressional oversight,congresses power of the purse, and the difference between a bill and an executive order.#TrumpIsANationalDisgrace
Today, the #CongressionalOversightCommission seeks to find answers that will help explain why the Main Street Lending Program has only loaned $95 million of the $600 billion allocated to eligible businesses in the past three months. My opening remarks below.

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