Insight from each debate participant from last night:

Andrew Yang- The math speaks for itself. When we want to implement change in the form of wealth taxes, we should use the knowledge we have at our disposal: look at what worked in Europe and what did not.

Joe Biden – Obama might have been the president under him, but that doesn’t mean that the vice president has not gathered unique and valuable insight into how to help the country.

Beto O’Rourke- This is not the time to be ambivalent about where the taxes of a candidate’s plan will go. Families that don’t make as much money need assurance that they won’t be losing any more incoming money.

Elizabeth Warren- Why is it that billionaires act like they made it without any help? The workers they hired were educated by somebody. The roads they used to expand their businesses were built by somebody. They should be pitching in their 2 cents at the very least.

Julian Castro – Think about all the Americans dealing with policing issues, wealth inequality, and single parent household struggles, how much longer will this part of America be ignored?

Kamala Harris – When the debates so far have neglected any discussion over the alarming assault on reproductive rights, what does that have to say about the election process in general?

Cory Booker – This indeed might be deja vu, the infighting among Democrats can spell doom for the second straight time. We don’t play the opponent’s game, but instead we should focus on unity.

Tom Steyer – There are differences between billionaires. Some want progressive policies, and their financial insight can help the long term economy.

Tulsi Gabbard – The way we behave in foreign policy is key, and our current lack of movement toward a broader exit strategy in the Middle East sets a precedent for long term occupation.

Pete Buttigieg – How do we look the Kurds in the face after leaving abruptly? How can we say we stand for strong principles if we betray allies we promised to help?

Amy Klobuchar – Our ideas might not sound grounded to a majority of Americans. We have to be realistic about what we promise them, because delivering promises is going to be a challenge unto itself.

Bernie Sanders – The system is hurting a majority of Americans, and unless we change parts of it fundamentally, people making all the money will always have the leverage.

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