In a world run by money, seats in office can be considered no more than company-hires, except the company is America. The president is the CEO whose job is to make the economy work for America the company. So it should be no surprise that candidates of the Democratic Primaries advertise themselves as such: job applicants for a large enterprise.

Through this interpretation, a few candidates do sell themselves as potential CEOs of America. From Silicon Valley expert Andrew Yang, to the well rounded Pete Buttigieg, and then to the self-made financier Tom Steyer.

In addition to these figures, Senator Elizabeth Warren can also be seen as a CEO, albeit in a different way. Her resume is no less valuable than any of the aforementioned CEO candidates. She was in charge of overseeing TARP, the Wall Street bailout plan intended to help bring the country back from economic devastation. She worked for the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau (CPFB), which protects consumers from the financial tricks that often plague credit cards and mortgages.

Warren, unlike the other CEO candidates, also has the unique experience of being an authority figure over US government financial-related institutions. She understands the company she is applying for better than the rest, and has experience making decisions and managing other people.

Who do you think would make the best CEO for America?

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