Facts about the war on terror:

The US government expects to spend $4.746 trillion this year. $989 billion of this, about 20%, is estimated to go on defense spending.

Since 9/11, we have spent $5.9 trillion on our global war on terror.

1.2 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases have been emitted by the military machine since 9/11.

80 countries are involved in our war on terror.

244,000 citizens have died and 21 million people have become displaced in our wars on terrorism.


Had we not chosen to go through with a widely unpopular and devastating war, how much of that $5.9 trillion would not have been spent? How much of it would have gone to other areas, such as education, healthcare, or fighting climate change?

Considering that the government will continue to spend this amount on military, how much longer until we face the consequences of this costly war, such as irreversible climate change, extreme inequality, and more deaths?







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