Candidate Bernie Sanders has taken his progressive policy to a higher level by proposing to cancel the entire amount of student loan debt. This debt forgiveness total amounts to $1.6 trillion, which exceeds the $640 billion in student loan forgiveness proposed by fellow candidate Elizabeth Warren. Considering both Sanders and Warren, with their progressive policies, appeal to voters with similar political inclinations, this bold plan to erase all student debt will separate him from Warren substantially. If it is enough for him to beat Warren, the question then is if this policy initiative is strong enough to convince Biden supporters to switch to Sanders.

It goes without saying that the younger population already prefer Sanders, and this latest initiative might cancel all doubt about not only who they will vote for, but if it is worth showing up to vote. There is no better way to convince 45 million holders of student debt to go out to the polls to vote. The issue with attracting older voters is more complicated: while anybody supporting the erasing of student loan debt will be placed on the right side of history, those resisting will argue about the economics behind it. Liberals would argue that the money can be taken from the vast military budget, among other places (such as a higher tax on wealthier Americans). The issue, however, is complicated with the diverse opinions on the value of military, threats from other countries, conflicting ideologies, and conflicting principles. Considering we live in an America where people are sharply divided based upon their beliefs, it will be interesting to see if this initiative to erase student loan debt does not get drowned out by the numerous other issues that Americans are fighting over.

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