Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse
Sen. Maria Cantwell  | 04:15 pm
Rep. Don Young  | 01:19 pm
Our public lands generate billions in revenues and support millions of outdoor economy jobs. The economic return of public lands is phenomenal, and thats why this investment, which comes from oil companies not taxpayers, is one of the smartest fiscal policies we could ever make.
However, earlier this year, bank after bank decided that the concerns of a handful of internet environmentalists outweighed the views of Alaskans and the Alaska Natives whose very livelihoods depend on oil revenue.
Rep. Sean Casten  | 02:15 pm
Rep. Don Young  | 01:19 pm
ALECs #CopyPasteCorruption isnt just polluting our water & killing our planet, its also violating free speech. ALECs Critical Infrastructure Protection Act makes protests at critical energy infrastructure sites like oil & gas pipelines illegal.
For decades, Alaskans have been leading the way in responsible energy development. Our petroleum industry supports over 110k jobs, meaning 1 in 3 Alaskans pour their efforts into balancing oil extraction with careful protection of our ecosystems.
Sen. Brian Schatz  | 11:15 am
Rep.Jodey Arrington  | 02:14 pm
European oil and gas majors are turning towards a cleaner future. Why dont we see this kind of leadership from the American Petroleum Institute (API)? Just askin.
Taking President @realDonaldTrump to an oil rig. So proud of all the folks who have turned out to greet him along the way. Its a beautiful site. God-fearing, hard-working, FREEDOM LOVIN West Texans!!
Rep. David Loebsack  | 11:14 am
Sen. John Hoeven  | 10:15 am
The Dept of @ENERGY recommending even partial gap year waivers to big oil is an affront to the 10th circuit court ruling and another blow to the #RFS. The @EPA must now follow the courts ruling and deny ALL gap year waiver requests.
Today in the Senate we voted to confirm Mark Menezes as Deputy Secretary of @ENERGY. Look forward to continuing to work w/ him to advance #NDenerB12gy priorities & appreciate his commitment to maintain his support for our oil + lignite industries.

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