Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse
Rep. Alma Adams  | 00:11 pm
Vice Pres. Mike Pence  | 07:53 am
This is Secretary DeVos. She spreads misleading information about the risks of fully reopening schools. She threatens to defund schools that listen to public health. Dont be like Secretary DeVos.
Heading to Indiana with @SecondLady for a Coronavirus Briefing with Higher Education Leaders at Marian University. We cannot stress enough the importance of reopening schools this fall, not only will it benefit students but it will also help our economy come roaring back to life.
Rep. Gilbert Cisneros  | 11:11 am
Rep. Steve Scalise  | 05:12 pm
Our teachers are so worried about returning to school that some are preparing wills. Any decision about reopening schools in the fall should be guided by facts, science, and prioritizing the safety of our students, teachers, and staff.
Republicans in Congress and @realDonaldTrump are focused on: ->Getting unemployed Americans back to work ->Safely re-opening schools ->Rebuilding our economy. The government shouldnt be competing with businesses trying to re-hire workers by incentivizing people not to work.
Rep. Tim Ryan  | 06:12 am
Rep. Scott Perry  | 10:12 am
To even consider opening schools, we have to get more funding out to states. We cant expect schools to be able to create a safe learning environment for our kids when theyre not being sufficiently funded
The current science is squarely in the corner of schools reopening this fall. Our children cant be locked out of the classroom and destined for home confinement based on politics and unfounded claims that reopening schools puts the health of our communities at increased risk.
Sen. Jack Reed  | 09:12 am
Rep. Jim Jordan  | 08:11 am
a) Science is key to safely opening schools. b) Pres Trump has ignored science throughout this pandemic to the detriment of all. c) A more responsible Admin would put health of children 1st & provide $ for schools to safely reopen. d) All of the above.
What’s more important: Reopening schools or protesting? Democrat officials across the country seem to think it’s the second one.

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