Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse
Rep. Mike Thompson  | 01:10 pm
Rep. Jeff Duncan  | 01:36 pm
In some states, those same people can buy a gun online or at a gun show without a background check. This is unacceptable.
.@LeaderHoyer so let me get this straight. First your party wants to take away our guns and our right to defend ourselves, then you want to defund the police, AND now you want to prevent @realDonaldTrump from restoring order with federal officers? Have you lost your mind?
Rep. Mike Thompson  | 01:10 pm
Sen. Tom Cotton  | 00:37 pm
Internal FBI numbers show that there is a huge surge in people who are going into licensed gun stores and are failing the background check because they are prohibited legally from owning a gun this includes felons and domestic abusers.
This is nonsense. Legal gun sales are not causing the spike in crime. Most guns used in crimes are stolen or purchased illegally. Liberal jailbreak policies that let violent criminals go free are causing the spike in crime.
Rep. Bobby L. Rush  | 05:36 pm
Rep. Jim Jordan  | 08:36 am
We cried out for this Administration to fight gun violence and white supremacy, two scourges which have killed many Americans, and they only stood in the way of solutions. Now they act like peaceful protests and graffiti are the biggest threat facing the country. It must stop.
Things the Democrats want:-Open borders & closed churches-Open borders & closed schools-Open borders & closed businesses-Open borders & closed gun shops-Open borders & closed stadiums. How about instead of reopening the border, we reopen America?
Rep. Bill Foster  | 02:36 pm
Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick  | 06:36 am
If Trump was serious about combating the gun violence that plagues Chicago, Aurora, and communities across the nation, maybe he’d ask @senatemajldr to bring the common sense gun safety legislation the House passed over a year ago up for a vote in the Senate.
As a supporter of #HR8, @BrianFitzUSA understands that we need to come together and continue to advocate for practical solutions to end gun violence. Pennsylvania families need gun safety champions like him fighting for them, we are proud to endorse him for re-election in #PA01!

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