Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse
Rep. Bill Foster  | 02:06 pm
Rep. Doug Lamborn  | 00:02 pm
Trumps threats of sending highly militarized, unmarked federal law enforcement into more major cities, after Portland, should alarm all of us. We are not an authoritarian nation.
Actually, @repblumenauer Portland is out of control. If local authorities won’t protect federal property, then federal authorities must. @realDonaldTrump is correct, we need to restore law and order NOW.
Sen. Tom Udall  | 02:01 pm
Rep. Rick Crawford  | 09:51 am
We’re demanding answers from the Trump admin. on the deployment of anonymous federal agents to Portland, which may spread to other cities, even Abq. It goes without saying: Americans must be able to exercise First Amendment rights without repression from federal officers.
If Basement Biden believes the protestors in Portland are peaceful (who are also calling for the the overthrow of America), what would he say is dangerous or out of control? His answer is critical to know and too dangerous for us to find out.
Rep. Suzanne Bonamici  | 01:58 pm
Sen. Rand Paul  | 02:55 pm
As Trump threatens to send paramilitary federal officers to more cities, I led 116 of my colleagues in exercising our oversight responsibility and demanding answers to several serious questions. Who are the officers in Portland? Under what statutory authority are they there?
Better to remind everyone in Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis that your cities are burning under the terrible 50 year rule of Democrats!
Rep. Earl Blumenauer  | 01:35 pm
Rep. Doug Collins  | 11:09 am
While I’m in DC working to defund these efforts and get the feds out of Portland, I am also giving a donation to Riot Ribs and would encourage others to give if they can or consider reaching out and volunteering with them. Venmo @riotribs.
Speaker Pelosi and the Mayor of Portland have one thing in common: They are blind to the terror and destruction flooding our streets because they are so focused on their political agenda. They would rather blame @realDonaldTrump than help the American people.

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