Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse
Rep. Veronica Escobar  | 01:30 pm
Rep.Jodey Arrington  | 00:06 pm
.@realDonaldTrump is once again trying to weaponize the census to stoke fear among immigrant communities like El Paso.  Our Constitution is clear: the census must count every person living in the U.S. This politically-motivated memo should be immediately challenged in court.
It’s absurd that @POTUS has to put out a memo to prevent illegal immigrants being counted in the U.S. Census. Allowing anyone other than American citizens flies in the face of our constitution. I’m pleased to see @realDonaldTrump take the steps to uphold rule of law once again.
Rep. Barbara Lee  | 01:17 pm
Rep. Paul A. Gosar  | 11:46 am
There is no purpose to this other than furthering Trump’s political and xenophobic agenda. This is unconstitutional and we wont allow it.
The @realDonaldTrump order on not counting illegal aliens in the census is common sense and constitutional. The constitutional concept of one person, one vote and the basic rights of citizenship are shredded when states create policies that encourage illegal aliens.
Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr.  | 01:04 pm
Sen. James Inhofe  | 09:32 am
Last year, the Supreme Court slapped down trumps naked attempt to destroy our Census and he’s trying again. This exec order is nothing but a political power grab to would rob immigrant communities of their constitutional right to democratic representation.
I am offering an amendment to the #FY21NDAA that improves the 1033 program by prohibiting the transfer of weapons that law enforcement cant & shouldn’t use, like weaponized drones & lethal grenades, and by training officers in de-escalation & protecting constitutional rights.
Sen. Thomas R. Carper  | 00:53 pm
Sen. John Boozman  | 04:00 pm
.@realDonaldTrump, who claims to revere the U.S. Constitution, is ignoring the fact that it clearly says “whole numbers of persons in each State” should be counted for our nation’s census. Instead, he’s pushing this partisan ploy to create a congressional map to his liking.
Providing for the common defense is a basic, constitutional duty for the federal government. The #FY21NDAA helps ensure our service members have the tools and resources they need to do that incredibly important job. WATCH me discuss my provisions and why we must pass this bill.

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