Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse
Rep. Brian Higgins  | 00:21 pm
Rep. Dan Newhouse  | 00:17 pm
Less transparency on #COVID19 statistics can only hurt our community’s ability to deal with the pandemic. @realDonaldTrump and @HHSgov decision should be reversed. Americans deserve better.
“Endless delays, limited transparency agency ambiguity far too often prevent…our hard working members the public from realizing the benefits of impactful investments in all manner of projects. Common sense reforms and interagency accountability are long overdue.” – @NABTU
Rep. Ayanna Pressley  | 10:24 am
Rep. David McKinley  | 02:11 pm
This administration cannot politicize its way out of a pandemic. There must be full transparency when it comes to data collection and reporting around COVID-19 and my colleagues and I will continue demanding it.
The Strengthening Americas Strategic National Stockpile Act adds more transparency and accountability to the Strategic National Stockpile. We will be able to deliver more targeted supplies to states, tribes, and territories that are most in need.
Rep. Jerrold Nadler  | 09:39 am
Rep. Phil Roe  | 00:37 pm
By ordering hospitals not to send COVID19 data to @CDCgov, the Trump Admin is rejecting transparency and undermining the public health officials agencies we should be listening to. The WH fatally mishandled COVID19. Now they’re trying to hide the numbers from the public.
Im encouraged by actions being taken to bring about accountability, transparency, and improved performance to our nations law enforcement. President Trumps executive order today is a good step to put into place broadly-supported changes.
Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick  | 06:11 pm
Sen. Richard Shelby  | 10:11 am
The conditions and policies at nursing homes have enabled the uncontrollable spread of COVID-19. We need stronger federal and state regulations, we need more testing, tracing and transparency. It will save lives.
Proud to be a cosponsor of @SenatorTimScotts #JUSTICEAct which focuses on police reform, accountability, and transparency. This bill highlights issues facing our nation that must be addressed. All Americans should have trust and confidence in our justice system.

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