Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse

Democrats Republicans
Rep. Terri A. Sewell  | 11:18 pm Rep. Phil Roe  | 11:17 pm
I am deeply troubled by this uptick in cases following Alabamas reopening. We cannot simply wish this virus away. Alabamians, it is up to us as individuals to do our part – please continue to practice safe social distancing, wear masks stay home! Congress’ work is essential and so is taking the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe + healthy. That is why Republican Members are in the People’s House, practicing social distancing in masks, to participate in today’s forum. We can and must get back to work for our vets.
Rep. William Keating  | 02:18 am Rep. Chip Roy  | 06:17 pm
A passenger was removed from my flight to DC this AM for refusing to comply with airline mask policy. Kudos to flight crew and @MassStatePolice for handling the situation with true professionalism. Masks arent a values or political statement – its to protect those at risk. Im in the hospital in Austin, should be released soon. Waiting room empty. Nurses are calm kind. Hallways clear. Masks mandatory, they have a designated corona floor upstairs so Im 100% negative safe. Not sure where high TX numbers are from.
Rep. Katie Porter  | 03:18 am Rep. A. Drew Ferguson  | 09:18 am
Under pressure from President Trump, @US_FDA gave the OK for a machine that sterilizes masks for healthcare workers, despite science that shows it might not protect our nurses and doctors. Political favors shouldn’t come before patient and worker safety, so I’m investigating. Thank you to Taiwan and @teco_in_atl for donating 100,000 masks to the Georgia Emergency Management Administration (GEMA). The masks are currently being distributed to hospitals across the state.
Rep. Doris O. Matsui  | 02:17 pm Rep. Mark Walker  | 07:18 am
That is why it is essential to have accessible testing sites like these in every section of our community that are free of charge. We cannot deny the fact that the virus continues to spread. We must continue to wear our masks, wash our hands practice social distancing. Grateful for our customs officers who have made more than 500 seizures totaling 870K unapproved coronavirus treatments, tests, masks since mid-March. The dangerous items could have put us at risk, but thanks to these efforts, our families are protected.

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