Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse

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Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr.  | 01:31 pm Rep. James Comer  | 01:13 pm
64 years ago the Interstate Highway System remade America. Our landmark infrastructure legislation were now debating is our own blueprint for the next century. A blueprint that is big and bold but also clean. Because a great nation invests in its future. We are. Our roads need to be fixed, but we dont need a $1.5 trillion Green Infrastructure Disaster chock full of new expensive mandates that leaves rural America behind, and saddles future generations of Americans with even more debt.
Rep. Carolyn Maloney  | 01:09 pm Rep. Jody Hice  | 11:52 am
Chair @RepMaloney spoke on the House floor today in support of the #MovingForwardAct. This bill delivers on @HouseDemocrats’ pledge to improve our nations infrastructure #ForThePeople. We went to bed thinking @HouseDemocrats were pushing a $500 billion infrastructure bill. We woke up to a $1.5 trillion climate change nightmare enacting the socialist #GreenNewDeal.
Rep. David Price  | 01:08 pm Rep. Bruce Westerman  | 09:04 am
Were facing an infrastructure crisis that demands more investment in housing, transportation options, schools, and broadband. The #MovingForward Act provides bold solutions by boosting funding, addressing the climate crisis & improving resiliency and equity. We’re voting today on HR 2, House Democrats’ massive infrastructure bill. We clearly need change, but this bill just throws more money at problems without addressing the underlying issues. Infrastructure is a bipartisan issue; unfortunately, HR 2 is not a bipartisan solution.
Rep. Adam Smith  | 01:06 pm Rep. Frank Lucas  | 08:36 am
Investing in our nation’s infrastructure means bringing it into the 21st century. It means modern, safer roads, bridges, and transit systems. The #MovingForward Act will deliver far-reaching, forward-thinking progress on infrastructure for communities around the country. Historically, SST has jurisdiction over the R&D title of Congress’ infrastructure bill. Unlike T&I, the Science Committee produced a bipartisan title for this bill. We worked together. We compromised. Sadly, none of SST’s work is included in this bill. We must do better!

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