Tweets from Congress below taken from 4PIA Pulse
Rep. Al Green  | 07:10 am
Rep. Dan Crenshaw  | 11:07 am
As Texas and other states see their highest numbers of #COVID19 cases, the President asks #SCOTUS to invalidate the Affordable Care Act. This disgraceful President would see an estimated 20 million Americans w/o healthcare coverage during a pandemic in favor of his own interests
Federal support for COVID-19 testing sites in Houston is being extended, and we are thankful to HHS for doing so. But the fear-mongering and disinformation over the transition to local control – something Texas was fully prepared for – was unacceptable. Heres the truth:
Rep. Don Beyer Jr.  | 10:01 am
Rep. Chip Roy  | 08:36 am
A way to put this in perspective: Before Tuesday of this week, New York was the only state to *ever* report more than 5,000 new Covid cases in one day. Since then, California, Texas, and Florida have all seen several 5,000+ case days each. And FL is rapidly nearing 10k per day.
Theres a lot of Texas bands impacted by todays announcement. We all got through the last few months optimistic that we could tour again in June. It appears that possibility may be out until August or September. And then its flu season. So when does it end?
Rep. Joaquin Castro  | 09:57 am
Rep. Chip Roy  | 06:11 am
.@GovAbbott continues to fail Texans with an irresponsible #COVID19 response to combat this pandemic. His decision to ban elective surgeries before closing bars one of the businesses with higher risk for coronavirus spread speaks volumes.
The reason I’m walking you through all of this is because the recent rise in hospitalizations in Florida is driven by younger people. This appears to be true in Texas as well, though I don’t think we have data sources in Texas that break out the distribution as well as Florida’s.
Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick  | 08:39 am
Rep. Andy Briggs  | 04:40 am
Texas governor coming down harder than Arizonas @dougducey (and by coming down harder I mean doing something). Arizona arguably in worse shape.
More people have died in New York nursing homes than have the entire state of Texas or Florida or Georgia or Arizona.

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