COVID-19 will not only take governors and federal agencies to eliminate, but Congress members as well. This pandemic is something we were under prepared for. Once again, Congress is at the forefront of the fight over legislating the comeback against this virus, deciding the fate of Americans by propagating financial relief through their Stimulus bill. When situations become dire enough, Congress rallies. Most of us would probably not complain if Congress cooperated more often, but Congressional bipartisanship is more complicated and deeper than it appears.

This tradition of arguing and policy analysis, while still being the same, now also takes place in the social media arena. That is where we come in, using data analytics to figure out how, using the chart below as an example, a politician tweets. Is the Congress member tweeting moralistically? Are their tweets anxious or are they angry?

We also look at why they tweet. Can you determine –  from a list of words most used by a politician- which emotions they are trying to evoke in their followers?

As crises come and go, Congress members discuss their views using Twitter as a public podium. Each individual Congress member, showing a unique set of ethics, rhetoric, and politics, gives us priceless data. We analyze this data, among other information, to help you understand Congress.

With an APP still in beta stages, we hope to bring to you a platform that not only lets you understand Congress from a unique perspective, but also lets you directly video message them.

Its not just about knowing, its about engaging.

Our mission is to make government work for you.



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