Since Trump first became president, foreign policy based on party lines has become further polarized. One party’s ally is another party’s enemy.

This is exemplified by each party’s hashtag usage

Democrats have 4 different hashtags using “Putin,” including #PutinsPuppet and #PutinsPlatorm (referring to Facebook).

Republicans on the other hand, use hashtags such as #RussiaHoax #UkraineHoax and #ImpeachmentHoax

According to Pew, nearly 1/3 of Republicans have confidence in Putin, while 1/10 of Democrats feel the same. This was a significant increase from 2014, in which Republicans had only 15% of members express confidence in the Russian president, an all time low.

How does Putin stand with the rest of us?

According to Pew:

  • Only 20% of Americans express confidence in Putin
  • In a study of 33 countries, only 3 countries (Greece, Bulgaria, and the Philippines) had more than 50% of participants express confidence in Putin
  • 29% of Russians have a positive view of US, whereas only 18% of Americans have a positive view of Russia (a telling sign of the average Russian’s view of the country’s politics?)


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