Amidst confusion, Iowa’s caucus could not express to the public any clearly defined results from their primary. The only thing that could be deciphered at this point is that candidates Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders command the lead, but are in a fight for the number one spot. Both camps declared victory, but results show Buttigieg in the lead with three more state delegate equivalents than Sanders, even though Sanders has more popular votes.

The fact that the state has not assessed a final result has frustrated both news media and politicians. Now, the DNC chairman Tom Perez, is requesting a recanvassing of the decision. A “recanvassing” is different than a “recount”: the latter requires a hand count of each caucus voter’s choice, while the former just requests an audit of the tally sheets.

Even though Buttigieg has slightly more delegates than Sanders, the caucus system entails that both will receive eleven pledged delegates each. The more shocking news is that Warren, who was at times seemed to outshine the rest of the candidate pool, will receive only five pledged delgates. Even more shocking, Joe Biden, portrayed as the front runner throughout the primary process, will receive zero pledged delegates from Iowa.

The results in Iowa not only show a potential spike in success for Buttigieg and Sanders deeper into the primaries, but the beginning of the end for Biden’s camp; and a reality check for Warren’s camp. However, it should also be noted that Iowa’s Democratic voter base is not reflective of other states or America in general. Therefore, it is too early to predict who will win.

But Buttigieg and Sanders will take victories where they can get them.

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