Trump was acquitted on both articles when Congress failed to get a simple majority, let alone a super majority on Yes votes.

Interestingly, Congress failed to get the required simple majority by a mere single vote on allowing witnesses to testify in front of Congress. Mitt Romney and Susan Collins were the only Republicans that voted yes. Had this motion passed, it would have elongated the impeachment process by allowing witness testimony and led to further incrimination of Trump in regards to the two articles.

While most of the witnesses were already documented or publicly shown during last year’s testimony in front of the House, it is possible that having them testify in front of the Senate would have forced the Senators to come to terms with their testimony, and could have made the impeachment vote less partisan. Senators would have also felt less obliged to vote on party lines out of fear of seeming hypocritical in the face of substantial testimony.  However, it seemed that regardless of the fundamental constitutional violation of Trump’s action, partisanship prevailed. It is a matter of debate whether witness testimony would have made the difference.

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