Creativity or priorities? Hashtags are not foreign to Congress, but how to do they use them?

Some interesting things to note, Democrats in Congress have used 7 different hashtags regarding refugees, such as #ProtectRefugees #KeepRefugeeFamiliesTogether and #StandwithRefugees. The only hashtags Republicans in Congress used is #refugees.

When it comes to immigration, Democrats used over 10 different hashtags, such as #DignityforImmigrants #ImmigrantsWelcome #immigrantsmakeamericagreat. Republicans only used #immigrants and #immigration.

While Democrats have used over 5 different hashtags for #diversity, Republicans have used none.

Republicans are not oblivious to hashtags, so there is some reasoning behind why they don’t have many hashtags for these topics. Even if Republicans support diversity and do not antagonize immigrants, their politics and constituencies do not include immigration or diversity as priorities. For them to use these hashtags would be to betray their partisan team mentality. It would be similar to Democrats supporting Trump’s wall or his views on climate change.

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