As we closer to the Iowa caucus, the first phase of the Democratic Primary elections, lets revisit the Twitter activity of candidate Pete Buttigieg.

While he is being led in the polls by multiple other candidates, his qualities remain unique among the crowd. For example, the above chart (created by us at 4PIA) indicates where his tweets tend to fall from the perspective of morality. Interestingly, his tweets tend to show care and fairness. His more moderate approach to politics can be characterized as his attempt to maximize fairness by not alienating voters. That is why he does not embrace some left-leaning policies favored by younger Americans, even though he sympathizes with their intent, being a Millennial himself. His tweets show less signs of loyalty and even less signs of sanctity. A lack of loyalty and sanctimony could imply more independence in his politics, as opposed to being married to certain ideals or constituencies. This could be seen as a positive, considering loyalty and sanctity could motivate a candidate to engage in flawed tactics, such as virtual signalling to voters and constituents. Even though a lack of loyalty could imply a sense of ruthlessness, Buttigieg does not seem to have this, because relatively speaking, his tweets do not tend to be authoritative in nature.

What do you think?

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