The impeachment trial process was initialized today with the appointment of Chief Justice John Roberts as the presiding officer. The trial itself will not kick off until Tuesday 1 p.m. Senate leader McConnell technically had the ability to refuse a Senate trial, but to the extent that the trial should take place, he cooperated. However, there is no indication that the Republican held Senate will vote to remove Trump from office.

In between the public testimonies and the trial, substantial evidence in the form of insights from Giuliani associate, Lev Parnas, have been added. Democratic House Representative Mike Levin tweeted, “Senators owe it to their oath of office and the Constitution to consider as much evidence as possible to objectively decide Trumps case. This was true before Lev Parnas interview last night, but became even clearer after hearing the information he provided.”

Here are some more tweets from Democratic members regarding the role of Parnas.

Rep. Jackie Speier | 05:43 am

Parnas becomes this years Michael Cohen-doing Trumps dirty work and going to jail for it. Who wants to be next?

Rep. Joaquin Castro  | 06:00 am

Republican Rep. Devin Nunes told Fox News that he now remembers speaking on the phone with Lev Parnas.

Rep. Tomaz Malinowski  | 05:26 am

GOP Senators are entitled to be skeptical of Parnas, since he wasn’t under oath. They’re not entitled to be skeptical while refusing to call sworn witnesses who could corroborate or refute him.

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