In tonight’s debate, the attention stays focused on the Middle East. Sanders condemns Biden for supporting the war in Iraq, which Sanders says was “based on lies,” while Biden tried to defend himself by saying that he and Obama did not agree with the war. He also reminds everybody that as vice president, his administration created the nuclear deal with Iran.

When asked about removing troops from Iraq, Klobuchar and Biden said they would leave some, while Buttigieg, Sanders, and Warren said they would remove them completely. Amidst Sanders’ and Biden’s engagement, Klobuchar tried to draw attention to Trump instead, saying, “What we should be talking about is what is happening right now with Donald Trump. Donald Trump is taking us pell mell toward another war.”

Buttgieg appealed to his military experience and the Millennials he went to war with: “There are enlisted people that I served with, barely old enough to remember those votes on the authorization after 9/11 on the war in Iraq.”

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