In an article that Senator Kamala Harris wrote in the NY Times, she states that the impeachment is already being sabotaged by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is impeding witness testimony. She believes an impeachment vote should not happen until witnesses like John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney have testified.

Democratic Congress members said the following about Trump:

Sen. Ron Wyden

We are 316 days away from the 2020 election and Mitch McConnell has yet to take any concrete steps to protect our federal elections from hacking or foreign interference.

Sen. Chris Coons

Leader McConnell is proud of presiding over a legislative graveyard, but his responsibility now is to negotiate with Leader Schumer rules that give us a shot at a reasonable trial. Even in the sharply divided time in which Clinton was impeached, the rules were bipartisan

Rep. Alan Lowenthal

I am deeply proud of the stand that we took for democracy and the rule of law. A grave process will continue in the Senate. I have no confidence in the ability of Leader McConnell to conduct a fair processbut the American people are watching.

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