As the House approves impeachment and sends the trial to the Senate, all eyes are on Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. The Democratic Congress is now using Twitter to focus their speculation on him:


Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

This was the first meeting, so odd that Mitch leaps so fast to declare impasse. Also odd that he uses Clinton impeachment, which had witnesses, as precedent for having no witnesses. Impartial, Mitch?

Rep. Don Beyer Jr.

McConnell’s top deputy, John Cornyn, admitted he didn’t even follow the House investigation. Now he says the Senate shouldn’t hear from witnesses – so he’s effectively refusing to look at the case against the President at all.

Sen. Chris Van Hollen

Mitch McConnell has stated publicly that he will work in lockstep with the president, reject key witnesses, and not be an impartial juror.

Rep. Katherine Clark

During 2019, @HouseDemocrats passed over 400 bills, 275 of them are bipartisan. All are sitting on Mitch McConnells desk. Today, we have one message: Do your job #ForThePeople!

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