There are some interesting points of comparison to look at between Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden.

Of the most notable candidates, the only ones which don’t have the word “people” in their top 3 most used words are Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg. This could be a reflection of an active effort by both candidates to avoid sounding too populist, which indicates a turn towards being moderate.

Points of difference: A noticeable difference is that Trump does not make Mayor Pete’s top ten list, but he does for Biden. In fact, Trump makes the top ten list of most of the other candidates. Could this be part of Buttigieg’s strategy to not attack the president? While he publicly states his dismay for the president, it also seems like he does not prioritize attacking Trump like other candidates do. This makes Buttigeig more moderate in one sense, since he might be avoiding alienating Trump supporters.

In contrast Biden’s top ten list, the word “plan” does not make the cut on Biden’s list, even though it makes it on Buttigieg. This is also another buzzword that is commonly used by the candidates, but is Biden purposely straying from using this word to avoid losing the attention of American? He could be trying to stand out by not aggressively discussing plans in the manner that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders do. He also avoids the word “climate,” which could mean that he is trying to avoid losing the support of right-winged or centrist voters who do not see climate as a serious crisis. This could imply that Biden is the more moderate of the two.

Other than this, the two candidates have very similar word usage (atleast in terms of top ten). They maintain a patriotic appearance with words like “America” and “country.”

Who do you think is the more moderate candidate of these two?

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