At 4PIA, we use data analytics to find the essence of a candidate’s social media usage.

The above chart denotes candidate Pete Buttigieg’s tweets and follow a specific path on the morality compass, so to speak. Of the various moral values, Buttigieg’s tweets show mostly the values of care, harm, and fairness. His concept of fairness is exemplified in his policy of “medicare for all who want it.” He sees this plan as more fair compared to universal healthcare because it allows Americans who are content with their insurance to not lose any sleep over any future changes. In terms of care and harm, these could have been shaped by his regrets with how he dealt with issues affecting the African American community within his town of South Bend. He does show sincere remorse for his actions, and when he talks about America, especially as a former soldier, it is as if he is caring for a friend and preventing him/her from harm.

His tweets also show loyalty and sanctity, but to a lesser degree. In the debates, he has shown himself to be increasingly aggressive and decreasingly passive. He might be loyal to his voting base and the Democratic party, but he does not show loyalty to any other candidate and goes after divides in the way he wants to.

Of the moral values, a moral sense of authority shows up the least in Buttiegieg’s tweets. This is not surprising, as this sort of morality is associated more with right wing or conservative candidates. Mayor Buttigieg might not be the most radical and left-winged candidate, but he certainly is not a conservative candidate.

What do you think about Pete Buttigieg’s moral foundation?

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