Congress had a lot to say about the investigation into the FBI by Horowitz earlier this week:

Sen. Richard J. Durbin | 00:10 pm

We heard one consistent reply from Inspector General Horowitz yesterday: there was no political motivation behind the FBIs effort to find out if the Russians had compromised the Trump campaign.

Rep. Rick Crawford  | 10:20 am

One main value of IG report on FISA abuse is how it definitively shows media lied to public about Steele dossier, Nunes memo on FISA abuse, Schiff response memo, and general Russia collusion hoax. FBI corruption would have gone nowhere without media collusion.



Here is what they had to say about impeachment today:

Rep. Eric Swalwell | 11:51 am

My colleague @RepKenBuck, during our #impeachmentDebate, just complained that someone slipped paid parental leave into the defense bill for all federal employees. Your military family constituents are welcome, Ken. That was the joint work of @HouseIntel @HASCDemocrats.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal  | 09:49 am

But there it is: this is the answer that shows exactly what is happening and the refusal of GOP to stand up for fair and free elections without foreign interference. They will not #DefendOurDemocracy. #ImpeachmentVote

Rep. Ken Buck  | 00:04 pm

An article of impeachment against the President for obstructing Congress only makes him more popular, not less. While the President is keeping his campaign promises, Congress’ approval rating is roughly 14%

Rep. Andy Briggs  | 11:47 am

If you issue an Article of Impeachment for obstructing Congress, youre going to make this president more popular, not less popular. Congress is an embarrassment, and this president is keeping his promises.


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