When looking at the most used words on Twitter by the top Democratic Primary candidates, one word pops up often: plan.

Four of the top candidates have the word plan in their top ten list. The question to ask is if this is a good thing or a bad thing?

There are surprisingly many candidates left this late in the year, and  all of these candidates believe they still have a shot to win. With the field being this competitive, the candidates have to dig deep into their arsenal of persuasion. Personality and charm are not enough, and they are forced not only to acknowledge their various policy stances, but also offer concrete methods of achieving their policy goals. That is why its important for the candidates to acknowledge that they have “plans” for issues like healthcare, inequality, and foreign policy. However, the more the word is thrown around, the less genuine it may start sounding to the audience. It is good to acknowledge you have plans, since many Americans need assurance, but promising a plan is quite different than delivering one.

What do you think about the candidates saying they have a “plan”?

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