At 4PIA, we use data analytics to find the essence of a candidate’s social media usage. Lets look at how two candidates, Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar, tweet.

Senator Kamala Harris’ top ten words reflect the way she debates: there is a focus on “fight,” because of her aggressive style, and there is always an emphasis on “women,” especially in light of controversy over Alabama’s stance on abortion. She is also known for her punitive and distasteful view of the current President, so it is no coincidence that “Trump” also makes her top ten. “Health,” “care,” and “americans” make the list to show how she remains cognizant of the average American’s concerns.


Senator Amy Klobuchar’s top ten words also are a reflection of her talking points from debates. Known most for her staunch opposition to Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s universal healthcare plan, she intends to bring her own version of a health care “plan” to challenge their versions. “Iowa,” a highly contested state, shows her strategic viewpoint on swing states. This is backed by her reiteration of how being a native of Minnesota gives her control over the rust belt states that voted for Trump in 2016.

While these two senators remain out of striking distance of the top contenders, their perspectives and views on the most discussed policies have not fallen on deaf ears. Will they stay where they are or make a break through?

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