At 4PIA, we use data analytics to find the essence of candidate’s social media usage. Looking at two candidates, former Vice President Joe Biden and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, we see some similarities and differences in the way they tweet.

Biden’s top ten words show that he focuses on the following: “Donald Trump”, “health,” and “Americans.” Biden has reiterated how he is the candidate of the people who understands the middle class and working class better than any of the other candidates, and therefore it is no wonder that he emphasizes Americans. People are gratified when politicians give them attention, and thus Biden maintains his focus on them to win their hearts. Although his own name doesn’t make the top ten list, “Donald Trump” does. Biden, from the onset of the primary election, emphasized that his goal is prevent Trump’s reelection. Many candidates, like Bernie Sanders, have also said that the most important thing for Democrats this election is to beat Trump, and Biden champions this cause.

Considering that one of the main differences between him and the other two leading candidates, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders, is his perspective on healthcare, it makes sense that “health” makes the list. Instead of shying away from his dislike for universal healthcare, he double downs and spends time in previous debates trying to convince the viewers that his healthcare plan is superior to Sanders and Warren’s proposals.

Buttigieg, like Biden, also has taken a moderate approach to policies, contrasted by Sanders’ and Warren’s more progressive approaches. Like Biden, Buttigieg emphasizes America, but unlike Biden, he discusses other words that don’t make Biden’s top ten list. He mentions “climate,” which shows he intends to stay attuned with the concerns of the young Millennial generation he hales from, all of who see climate is as one of the most, if not the most, existential threat to the planet. However, unlike Biden, his most tweeted word is his own name. America has gotten used to a president that is constantly tweeting about himself, and Buttigieg doing this can backfire if it appears as egotistical. It is important for a candidate to focus less on himself and more on policies and problems.

“Time” also makes his top ten words and could not be more relevant. When it comes to climate change, we don’t have time. And being the youngest candidate, time is on his side. And most importantly to the Democratic Party, if we all play our cards right this time, we can win the election. The million dollar question is who can bring the victory?

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