Beryl A. Howell, a Federal District Court judge, ruled that the House Judiciary Committee has the power to view grand jury evidence gathered by Robert Mueller.

The ruling helps discredit the constant insistence from Trump and Republicans that the impeachment inquiry is illegitimate. With key Republicans turning on Trump and the House vigorously interrogating key figures, the impeachment inquiry seems to be going forward with pace, but the challenge remains of compelling enough of the public to support impeachment.

Although there was clear evidence of Trump asking a foreign country to investigate his political rival (the main focal point of the impeachment), the difficulty lies in convincing a wary public about the significance of this. The Mueller Report, albeit filled with red flags regarding Russia and damaging evidence regarding Trump’s campaign team, was not enough to impeach Trump. Not only does Congress need to portray to America that evidence directly linking Trump was found, but that evidence found was a violation of America’s security and credibility.

Nonetheless, regardless of whether the impeachment can change the minds of Americans that are loyal to the Republican party more than Trump, it carries on. The Federal Judge’s ruling not only is a symbolic victory for the Democratic House, but gives them a opportunity to uncover redacted and undisclosed parts of the lengthy Mueller investigation.

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