Yesterday, multiple House Republicans stormed into private rooms being used by the House Intelligence Committee to interview key figures in the midst of an impeachment inquiry. The protest took five hours to break up, but the interviews continued afterwards.

This is what Congress had to say about it

Rep. Alma Adams:

13 Republican members stormed the impeachment inquiry claiming it was a coup, when 47 Republican colleagues were either already in the room or had the clearance as committee members to be there. Somebody, make it make sense.

Rep. Jimmy Panetta:

The process of the closed door hearings for the inquiry includes three committees with over 40 Republicans. In fact, a quarter of the members who stormed the secured room are on the committees can be in the hearings. It was not just a breach of security, but a political stunt

Rep. Lois Frankel:

Yesterday, 41 Republicans stormed a secure hearing room in a desperate attempt to distract from Trumps lawless behavior. This stalling tactic wont stop us from following the facts.

Sen. Mitch McConnell:

House Democrats impeachment inquiry is breaking critical precedents. It is denying the administration important rights that past presidents were afforded. It is violating basic rules of due process.

Rep. Andy Briggs:

Everyone in America should be against a system where people are trying to overturn the results of a presidential contest in the basement of the Capitol, underground with secrecy, selective leaks, and misrepresentations about contact with a whistleblower.
Find out more about what Congress has to say at 4PIA

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