The impeachment process might be longer than expected, with some Democrats saying it could extend past the previous estimated goal of Thanksgiving. While it gives Democrats more time to make a case for impeachment, it also means that they need to ensure that not only does the public support impeachment, but that the public approval of impeachment does not whither away. In addition, more time spent on impeachment gives more time for Trump’s defense to strategize, as well as more potential for criticisms against Congress for spending time on impeachment that could be used on other domestic issues.

Democrats however, learning from the setbacks during the Mueller Investigation, have revamped their efforts. Not only are there subpoenas against the likes of Giuliani, but there are demands for documents from Vice President Pence. Not to mention, private interrogations are occurring as we speak.

In addition, unlike during Mueller Investigation where the only Republican speaking out against Trump was representative Justin Amash, multiple big name Republicans have been open to impeachment this time around, including Senator Mitt Romney, former Ohio governor John Kasich, and Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Furthermore, the focal point of this investigation is not a Special Counsel like Robert Mueller, but a whistle blower.

Nobody knows how the impeachment will play out, but if Democrats play their cards right, Trump might take his words back when he said an impeachment would be “a positive” for his re-election.

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