While the news was primarily covering an impeachment inquiry of Trump after he asked a foreign country to investigate his political opponent, Trump tried to desensitize the legality of this action by publicly asking China to investigate the Bidens. It is possible that he hopes the brazenness of this action will make his communications with Ukraine appear trivial to Americans.

Rep. Barbara Lee responded to Trump’s actions: “Just because he does it in the open does not make his abuse of power OK. A democracy that fails its duty to address a lawless leader is no longer a democracy. #ImpeachmentNow”

Other Democratic Congress members also were astounded by this request to China:

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick tweeted, “We are involved in an ongoing trade war, but the Presidents biggest priority is calling on China to investigate As a political rival. This is a dark moment for our country.”

Rep. Brendan Boyle said on CNN, “The President basically is impeaching himself by his own words and by his own actions…”

Congress further debated the legitimacy of the call for impeachment:

Rep. Carolyn Maloney: “If ‘assuming President Z[elensky] convinces trump he will investigate… we will nail down date for visit to Washington’ isn’t quid pro quo – what is???”

Rep. Andy Briggs: “There’s a reason why Adam Schiff released cherry-picked text messages and not the transcript of the Volker interview. It’s because he’s misleading. Again.”

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