Congress had a lot to tweet about the impeachment last night:

Rep. Gary Palmer (R):

I plan to stand with the Constitution in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. This is not about high crimes & misdemeanors, but politics. If this progresses to articles of impeachment, I will vote no, consistent with the Constitution.

Rep. William ‘Lacy’ Clay Jr. (D):

A lawmaker tells @Acosta that the sheer scope of the pressure placed on Zelensky and the number of administration officials involved will likely lead to calls for multiple Trump aides to testify in hearings, more than just the whistleblower.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D):

#ICYMI In the Trump-Ukraine memo, the president identifies Barr as a go-between with Ukraine. AG Barr – the same guy who said the complaint was outside the IG’s jurisdiction… If that isn’t a conflict, what is? Barr’s got some tough questions to answer here. MORE @CNN

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D):

Trumps call to Ukraine is a Pandoras Box of high crimes and misdemeanors. Professor @tribelaw breaks it down for America.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R):

Every last House Democrat voted this evening to proceed with impeachment against the President of the United States based off of a whistleblower complaint they hadnt read, filed by a person without firsthand knowledge, after the transcript today showed no impeachable offense.
See what other Congress members are tweeting about impeachment at

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