The Acting Director of National Intelligence, testified before the House Intelligence Committee this morning regarding the recent whistle blower complaint that brought to light Trump’s conversation with Ukraine’s president.

Maguire said, “I believe the whistle blower is operating in good faith…my job is to lead..the entire intelligence community. That individual works for me, therefore it is my job to make sure that I support and defend that person…”

During the testimony, he adamantly refused to give his opinion on further investigation, merely stating that he had done his job of getting information released to the legislative branch.

When asked why he went through the White House and Department of Justice to determine if executive privilege applied and if it was mandatory to inform the House of the complaint, in-spite of potential conflict of interest, he replied that he was new to the job and still determining how to maneuver the system.

In conclusion, he defended the whistle blower, but did not give any determination into whether the transcript should warrant further investigation, similar to Mueller testimony, in which Mueller did not share his opinion on Trump’s guilt.

Many on both the left are questioning the validity of using the Trump-Zelensky transcript to spearhead the impeachment. Some believe that this transcript, like the Mueller report, could be unable to produce anything that outright criminalizes Trump in the same manner that Nixon was criminalized in the past. Not to mention, if the impeachment ever comes to the Senate, some say that it is unlikely at this point if 2/3 of Senate will vote to oust Trump.


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