On Tuesday this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that the House would initiate impeachment proceedings against the President.

Talks of impeachment were going on for numerous months without any decisions being reached, but the recent debacle between Trump and Ukraine was enough to convince the House Speaker to begin impeachment. A whistle blower complaint against the White House included Trump having a conversation with Ukraine’s Prime Minister about opening a corruption investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden’s son. This occurred right after Trump froze $391 million aid to Ukraine. Not only is there suspicion of Trump holding aid money to pressure Ukraine into cooperation, but the act of even reaching out to a foreign entity over such a matter could be seen as illegal.

While the impeachment doesn’t guarantee a guilty verdict, Congress has realized that turning a blind eye to Trump’s behavior after the whistle blower complaint would raise concerns. Even the Republican led Senate, who might not be as open as the House to impeaching Trump, wanted further explanation about the whistle blower complaint.

Additional Details

The House introduced H.R 576: “Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives with respect to the whistle blower complaint of August 12, 2019, made to the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community.” The resolution helps to ensure that the executive branch abides by US laws about how to handle whistle blower complaints, specifically in regards to the recent Ukraine incident.

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