Last week, Trump approved the deployment of troops to Saudi Arabia in response to an attack on Saudi Arabian oil fields. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper states that Iran was behind the attack on September 14th, because the drones and cruise missiles involved were advanced enough to avoid the US-bolstered Saudi defense system. However, Iran denies responsibility for the attack.

The Trump administration has been flirting with the idea of confrontation with Iran every since the election of Trump. The tension escalated earlier this year when Iran shot down a drone that it said had flown over Iranian sovereign airspace.

The president’s foreign policy does not remain consistent, as his condemnations and words regarding Iran have not translated into direct war with the country, albeit havingĀ  at one point pro-war National Security Adviser, John Bolton in his administration. However, Bolton recently resigned, and it seems military deployment to Saudi Arabia instead of war with Iran is the only direct course Trump can take. Anything less would lead to damaging criticism in the face of impeachment looming around the end of his term. Anything more could lead to all out war with Iran, something the country cannot afford in the midst of domestic insecurity and a trade war with China.

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R) tweeted, “Thank you to our European allies on joining @POTUS to condemn #Irans attack on Saudi Arabia and pressuring them to come back to the negotiating table. Iran must immediately cease escalating tensions, threatening global trade, and destabilizing the region.”

Rep. Michael T McCaul (R) tweeted, “An important statement from UK, France, and Germany: 1) Iran is responsible for the attack on Saudi Arabia; and 2) Its time for a new and better deal. We agree…”

Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D) tweeted, “More American troops to the Saudi peninsula is a dangerous escalation. Not enough troops to make a difference & too many American lives at risk. Pres. Trumps Iran strategy goes from bad to worse.”

Learn more about what Congress has to say about Saudi Arabia and Iran at 4PIA

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