Following a painstakingly slow August, Congress is back at work and they have a lot on their plate.

Pushes for impeachment are gaining traction amid testimonials, and antagonisms between Congress and the White House are further aggravated by the recent withholding of whistleblower information from Congress.
With all this going on, it is important to focus on Congress, because they represent us. The president may or may not represent you, but every single one of us has one Congress member that represents the district we live in. Therefore, their actions may affect us more than the president. Congress members wield the power to change laws and keep the president in check. They represent strength in numbers.

We should know which Congress members are for or against climate change or impeachment. We should know which districts they are from. Find out which districts house the Congress members that have the most polarized views? Or which districts contain representatives with more moderate views? Which committees do they belong to? If a certain member is in the Foreign Affairs Committee, for example, does that reflect what they tweet about? Get to know your Congress member in detail.

What is being discussed the most today on Twitter? Which figures, events, policies, or laws are the members of both the House and Senate tweeting about the most?

This is the reason we will be releasing a 4PIA APP soon. It’s not news to us that Congress is not doing their job well, let’s hold them accountable.

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