Today in Congress, Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, is testifying for Congress’ impeachment inquiry.

As reported by the NY Times, Lewandowski never relayed Trump’s message of pressuring Sessions to “curtail the scope of the Russian investigation” to Sessions himself, because he was on a family vacation. When asked by Rep. Steve Cohen if he found Trump’s request strange, Lewandowski replied by saying he did not think Trump’s request was illegal.


Rep. Val Demings (D) said the following on Twitter about Lewandowski:

“Corey Lewandowski has been working overtime to disrupt, obstruct, and filibuster this hearing, but amid all the obstruction he still confirmed the Mueller Reports account that the president asked him to criminally obstruct justice.”

“@HouseJudiciary Chair @RepJerryNadler just explained to Mr. Lewandowski that obstruction of Congress was an article of impeachment against President Nixon, and ordered him to answer questions.”

“I asked Mr. Lewandowski whether he ever asked Mr. Trump about these Russian contacts. He refused to answer.” Link


Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) had this reaction to the proceedings: “Dems are squandering precious time on faux impeachment proceedings and dragging Corey Lewandowski through pointless hearings.”

Learn more about what Congress is saying about the impeachment proceedings at 4PIA

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