In tonight’s debate on ABC, ten Democratic candidates will take the stage to fight for the hearts and minds of viewers across the country:

  1. Amy Klobuchar: Polling at less than 1%, she has not captured the attention of the country like others have, but being well versed with her home region of the Midwest, the region who gave Trump the edge over Clinton in 2016, she has something unique to bring to the table.
  2. Cory Booker: Polling at 2%, the New Jersey senator is another periphery candidate like Klobuchar, but his message of unity and justice imply he is not likely to give up.
  3. Pete Buttigeig: Polling at 5%, the South Bend mayor has put himself above some other candidates, albeit the periphery ones, and being the youngest of the debate contenders, he is not likely to lose attention.
  4. Bernie Sanders: Polling at 15%, the third place Senator of Vermont is not likely to be going anywhere anytime soon, as exemplified by his long political career and consistent policy-ing.
  5. Joe Biden: Polling at a commanding 29%, the former vice president so far seems to be riding the turbulence of verbal blunders and criticism from past policy-ing surprisingly well, but tonight might determine if his seemingly lucky trajectory continues or not.
  6. Elizabeth Warren: Polling at 17%, the policy-potent Senator of Massachusetts lets her actions do the talking, but her debate performance from last time shows that she isn’t second place for no reason.
  7. Kamala Harris: Polling at 7%, the former prosecutor from California has demonstrated on the national stage why she is not to be trifled with from a legal standpoint, but can her niche skills help her climb up the polls towards the center candidates?
  8. Andrew Yang: Polling at 3%, the Washington outsider has done well so far with his $1000 a-month-for-all-Americans platform, but will being a Washington outsider help him climb the polls or just keep him on the periphery?
  9. Beto O’Rourke: Polling at 2%, the former Texas congressman carries on with a strong spirit in spite of losing the momentum he had gained in the beginning of the race, and tonight might be a testament to his continuing energy.
  10. Julian Castro: Polling at 1%, the former San Antonio mayor has separated himself from the rest as the border specialist, but what else will he bring to the debate that might help him rise up the ranks?

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