Two candidates known to be unreserved and vocal on Twitter about politics are Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.

When it comes to climate change, both candidates don’t hold back. Harris tweeted today, “While everybody is distracted by Trump’s crazy tweets, he’s quietly undoing environmental regulations that were built over years to protect our environment. #ClimateTownHall.” 

Warren tweeted today, “The Amazon fires are accelerating the climate crisis, and indigenous communities are being disproportionately impacted. In the U.S. and around the world, we must fight climate change and protect indigenous lands. #Sept5Act4Amazonia.”

Climate is one issue, unlike healthcare, military, and many other issues, that most of the Democratic candidates agree on. Yet candidates like Warren and Harris have strikingly different budget plans for climate change.

According to Warren, her climate change plan is to “invest $2 trillion over the next ten years in green research, manufacturing, and exporting — linking American innovation directly to American jobs, and helping achieve the ambitious targets of the Green New Deal.”

Harris states her climate change plan as: “using progressive year-on-year benchmarks that target individual sectors, including energy, transportation, infrastructure, industry, and agriculture that meet appropriate goals for reducing emissions. And we will achieve these goals by investing $10 trillion of public and private spending over the next 10 years, creating millions of new, high-quality jobs.”

If Harris’ climate fighting budget is five times larger than Warren’s, does that mean she cares that much more about the climate? The answer instead could be that Warren is planning to invest that extra $8 trillion in other projects on her priority list, such as healthcare and college debt. It could also be that Harris, an opponent of policies like universal healthcare, has more budget remaining to fight climate change.

Which candidate do you think has the right budget?

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