23 US states, 3 US territories, and 20 countries will see projects defunded by the Pentagon, the total amounting to $3.6 billion. This money will then be used to fund the border wall.
Even though the Pentagon purposely chose future projects that have not been initiated yet, deferring their funds means they will have to go through Congress again to be funded. Some of these projects are already facing delays, and funding for these projects may not ever get passed, since the bill they will be placed in is facing partisan resistance.
Rep. Gilbert Cisneros tweeted, “It is unconscionable that President Trump has decided to steal money from our military to build his wall. It is an end run around Congress to fund a vanity project that the American people clearly do not support.”
Rep. Joaquin Castro tweeted, “Stealing funds from real national security priorities with the singular goal of fulfilling a xenophobic campaign promise is wrong.”

Sen. Chris Coons tweeted, “The President is taking away money from our military, which does keep us safe, to pay for a border wall that wont make us safer (and that President Trump promised Mexico would pay for).”

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