How often do you follow politics, specifically Congress? Do you know who your Congress person and Senators are, and do you think they are doing a good job?

As we get closer to climate disaster and see more domestic terrorism, we become more dissatisfied with a dis-functional and polarized government. And the more bewildered they are at the lack of connection between them and the government, the more they will want to understand the government. The only thing that stands between them and becoming actors in the effort to revamp America is the knowledge to make change at a governmental level. If Americans have the knowledge to understand the government, they can become the vehicle of change.

That is where our app comes. We provide you with the ability to “listen” to social media to provide to you with what Congress is talking about and what is important to them.

Our app provides a glimpse into what words and topics are being most discussed by Congress via our word cloud, as well as providing you a Twitter feed of what each member is tweeting. As you view more word clouds and compare the tweets of Democrat and Republican Congress members over time, you begin to deduce what opinions and positions both specific party members and the party as a whole have on certain issues.

You will also be able to view a full profile of each member including their bio, the bills they have passed, the committees they are part of, their staff, and their contact info.

This app essentially allows you to always keep a pulse on each Congress member, in a concise manner, without having to sift through various websites and read pages of articles. The more you learn about your own Congress member and the inner workings of Congress as a whole, the more empowered you will feel.

Look forward to a release of our 4PIA app later this year!

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